Recommendation 024E/2018: Dropped objects

There are still too many "dropped objects" in the industry and this poses a significant safety challenge. Studies have shown that these incidents are related to both work processes, behavior and inadequate securing of equipment. The industry has had a number of campaigns where the results have been positive, but not permanent. SfS wants to improve the situation by sharing best practices in terms of avoiding dropped objects in the industry.

Recommendation 024E/2018: “Prevention of dropped objects” now consists of 4 parts:
Part 1: Handbook "Prevention of dropped Objects" Rev 4, aimed at operational staff.
Part 2: Management elements for the prevention of dropped objects.
Part 3: Functional requirements for establishing visualized inspection system.
Part 4: Posters - Securing objects correctly.

SfS publishes in Norwegian and English but allows and supports translations to other languages (The handbook is for example translated to Russian, Spanish and Portugese). SfS does not publish, or accept responsibility for content and translation of, publications in other languages than Norwegian and English.

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