Main areas for Samarbeid for Sikkerhet

Samarbeid for Sikkerhet has chosen som areas for the security work in the oil and gas industry. Within these main areas there are created several work groups.

FKL - Forum for Kran- og løfteoperasjoner

The goal is to promote the best practice through harmonized requirements, methods and routines within lifting operations. Further work areas for FKL is to give advices for updates of NORSOK R002 and R003. FKL is also engaged in teaching plans for deck operations and offshore crane operators. In 2014 FLK reworked attachment B in Norsok R-003 on behalf of Standard Norway.

FMO - Forum for Maritime operations

This forum was revitalized in 2013. The forum shall work with experience transfer, information om new guidelines, intiations and follow up on projects etc. In 2014 one is working on a movie about anchor treatment and a best practice for maritime securization.

Harmonization and best practice

The goal is to promote gode and common guidelines for central security routines, as for example Sikker jobbanalyse (SJA) and Working permits (AT) and common guidelines for what concerns standby and helicopter transport on norwegian continental shelf. Other common routines will be revized.

Teaching and competence

The purpose is to promote common norms for security training that is done internally in the companies, Formålet er å få frem felles normering av sikkerhetsopplæringen som skjer internt i selskapene, so that this can be made more efficient, and that one thereby avoids too much repetition and confusion due to different concepts. Course plans have been established for fall protection, rope-based rescue and investigation.

Security movies

Samarbeid for sikkerhet has made several safety films / animations of unwanted incidents that will contribute to learning and experience transfer. You can find these on our website and you can also get the films on USB memory sticks or DVD by contacting SfS.