A recommendation from Working together for Safety (SFS) contains advice and recommendations on how companies in the oil and gas industry can handle various issues in a good way.

Please use the form below if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement on the SfS recommendations.

    Replaced Recommendations

    • 033E/2010: Course Plan use of Rope-based Fall Rescue
    • 032E/2010: Course Plan Fall Protection
    • SfS Recommendations 032 og 033 have been included in Norwegian Oil and Gas Guideline 113

    • 031E/2010: Job Analysis (WP/SJA)
    • 030E/2010: Revision of Standardised ”Permit to Work”
    • SfS Recommendations 030 og 031 have been replaced by Norwegian Oil and Gas Guidelines 088 and 090

    • 023E/2008: Fall protection and rescue
    • 016E/2006: Checklist for service vessels
    • 014E/2004: Snatch blocks
    • 011E/2003: Checking in on helicopters
    • 010E/2003: Permit to Work and Safe Job Analysis
    • 07E/2003: Safe use of vessels
    • 06E/2003: Introduction of personnel offshore
    • 05E/2003: Use of Manrider
    • 03E/2001: Statutory and regulatory HSE conditions in contracts
    • 01E/2001: Renovation of derrick

    Expired Recommendations

    • 027E/2008: Preparation, quality assurance and implementation of Best Practice
    • 021E/2007: Requirements regarding response personnel
    • 018E/2006: Work for employees with substance abuse problems
    • 012E/2004: Restricted Work Capacity
    • 08E/2003: Apprentice scheme for crane operators
    • 02E/2001: Transfer of experience, derrick